John Free

[ENGLISH] John Free is a street photographer based in Los Angeles. He is an excellent photographer. I recommend a visit to his web page: and also to his Facebook page: . He developed "The Five Fs System". The five Fs are: finding, figuring, framing, focusing and firing. The first F: Find an interesting subject. The second F: Figure out which elements, factors and details would make the image most powerful. The third F: (Framing follows from figuring) Collect all elements, factors and details in a way that to give most strength to the image's center of interest. The fourth F: Decide where to place the focus and how much depth of field to use. The fifth and final F: Make the shot; don't miss "the moment". 

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I usually divide street photographers into three groups, namely: (i) those who (primarily) shoot with their brains, (ii) those who (primarily) shoot with their instincts, and (iii) those who (primarily) shoot with their guts. John Free shoots with his guts. His images are intense, powerful. 

Video, John Free Goes Shooting: . In that video, he says: "The more I learn to photograph the more I realize how unimportant where it was where you photographed." He has a point. What it's really important is how you photograph. 

Photo / Foto: John Free. 

Photo / Foto: John Free.