[ENGLISH] "Practically all of the reality projected before my eyes is a mystery, that's why I explore it. This enigma has various facets: eroticism, suffering, amusement... There are many elements which, as a whole, undoubtedly constitute a never-ending puzzle. The raison d'être of photography lies here, in its capacity to represent this conundrum, but without the obligation or the responsibility of arriving at a solution, or unravelling the mystery. It is not possible to understand through one or even a hundred photographs. It's like a riddle. More than a mystery, it seems to me like a maze. Walking through the city is like walking through a maze for me. I don't want to provide answers, I prefer to leave the question unsolved, to leave the query about what is before us hanging there, even after looking at the images. (...) By photographing a single reality, countless others can be seen. Different realities coexist within a single image. That's the magic of photography." --Daido Moriyama

I extracted the quote above from the interview with photographer Daido Moriyama that opens the book "Daido Moriyama: The World Before My Eyes". For some unknown reason, I keep returning to that book. I shall comment on Mr Moriyama's photographs in a separate post. I am a great admirer of his photographs even though I constantly feel they are beyond my grasp. 

Photo / Foto: Daido Moriyama.