Interview: Ricardson Williams

ENGLISH: I the recommend following interview with street photographer Ricardson Williams: 


When asked what is the secret to a good street photo he answers: "Be there at the right moment, compose well." I agree with him. Those are the two most important ingredients of a good street photograph: timing and composition. Street photography is particularly challenging because oftentimes one has to compose an image in a couple of seconds, or less. Good composition is not the blind application of composition rule X or Y. It is the use of the principles of composition in conjunction with a refined personal aesthetics. 

He was also asked what he feels when he is catching the moment. His answer: "I feel free. I feel complete." Me too. That's exactly how I feel. I also feel challenged. What is the challenge? Well, not letting the right (I wouldn't dare say "decisive") moment be lost, finding poetry in situations that would otherwise seem ordinary, being able to express myself through my images. 

Enjoy the interview! And his images! He is an excellent photographer. 

Photo: Ricardson Williams.